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August 11 - August 13, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC, USA
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Contest: Matsuri Yukata

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, we'd like to announce a new part of our Annual Otakon Matsuri, the Yukata contest! Yes, you heard right, we're holding a Yukata contest at the Otakon Matsuri this year. If traditional Japanese attire is your thing, come on out to the Otakon Matsuri, Thursday August 8th, dressed in your favorite Yukata to show off to the crowd, as well as our panel of Guest Judges, and who knows, you might even win some sweet Otakon stuff, things that you won't be able to get until the con starts!

Take a look at the rules below and bring your friends, family and dress your best in your favorite, stylish, or unique Yukata (say that 10 times fast) and enjoy the Otakon Matsuri with us, while you have a chance to win some cool stuff! See you then!

Contest Rules:

  • Contest will be held on Thursday August 8th
  • Sign up for the contest starts at 1pm at the Otakon booth and again at 2pm, the contest begins at 3pm.
  • There is no charge for entry.
  • Registration for the contest will be opened at 1pm and again at 2pm.
  • We will take the first 20 contestants who sign up. These will be broken up into two sign-up periods of 10 entries each at 1pm and 2pm.; Along with the 20 contestants, 5 Otakon staffers may enter as Ineligible Participants who may present their outfit and receive a grade after the contest.
  • Each contestant will have 1 minute to come up on stage and show off their Yukata to the crowd and the Judges.
  • The Judges will judge each Yukata based on Style(I.e. how close it resembles a traditional Yukata), Creativity(I.e. how unique/creative the design of the Yukata is) and Presentation(I.e. how the wearer shows off their Yukata)
  • There will be 3 winners for the contest; 1st place, 2nd place and Judges Choice.
  • The prizes will be received at the Matsuri.
  • All decisions related to the contest made by Otakon Staff are final.
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